Batman Takes Center Stage In The Flash’s First Poster

Flash First Poster: Batman Takes Center Stage

Batman Takes Center Stage In The Flash's First Poster
Batman Takes Center Stage In The Flash’s First Poster

Batman Takes Center Stage In The Flash’s First Poster. The first trailer for The Flash will be aired on Sunday during the Super Bowl, Warner Bros has officially revealed, so fans won’t have to wait too long to see the movie in its entirety.

Anyone who was concerned that Batman wouldn’t be in the movie can now relax after seeing the first poster for it.

The poster is seen in its entirety below, while the top portion is cropped. Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is clearly

depicted in some sort of cave, perhaps a bat cave, with what appears to be the Batwing from Tim Burton’s

1989 Batman hanging over him.

Does the poster provide proof that Michael Keaton is still present in The Flash despite everything that has happened? In our opinion, yes.

James Gunn, the newly appointed co-president of DC Films, stated last week that The Flash is not just one

of the best superhero films he has ever seen, but also that it completely reboots the DCEU, and that he

and Peter Safran made no changes to it.

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Therefore, it appears extremely possible that Keaton and possibly a few others are still alive if anyone and

everyone is at the table.

“Ezra Miller stars as Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, who tests the limits of his superpowers in the DC Super

Hero’s first-ever standalone feature film,” was the story summary provided by Warner Bros.

along with the poster. What it doesn’t tell you is that Allen tests those boundaries in an effort to save his mother from death, even though doing so puts the universe’s fabric at risk, or that Miller has spent the past few months dealing with numerous criminal allegations, calling into doubt the very existence of this movie.

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