Chinese Spy Balloon: FBI Finds New Information

FBI Finds New Information About Chinese Spy Balloon

Chinese Spy Balloon: FBI Finds New Information
Chinese Spy Balloon: FBI Finds New Information

Chinese Spy Balloon: FBI Finds New Information. According to a spokeswoman for the State Department,

the balloon featured “several antennae” and was capable of gathering communications and data using a satellite.

We’re finding out more details about the alleged Chinese spy balloon that was shot down on Saturday off

the coast of South Carolina.

According to a State Department spokesperson, the balloon featured “several antennas” in addition to

other equipment that was “obviously for intelligence surveillance,” and it could gather communications

and data using a satellite.

The official stated, “High-resolution footage from U-2 flybys revealed that the high-altitude balloon was

capable of performing signals intelligence gathering activities.

We know the PRC (People’s Republic of China) deployed these balloons for surveillance.”

After being shot down, the purported surveillance balloon was recovered from the water.

It is currently being examined at an FBI facility in Quantico, Virginia, by investigators who want to know

what data China had access to before it was destroyed.

According to a spokesperson for CNN, the FBI had only received surface-level debris, which consisted of

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the “canopy itself, the wiring, and then a very limited amount of electronics.”

Additionally, there were sizable solar panels discovered on the balloon, which according to officials, may power “active intelligence collection sensors.”

Authorities claim that the balloon’s flight path took it right over a nuclear missile facility that houses the U.S. Strategic Command and a military installation that houses the B-2 stealth bomber as it traveled from

Alaska and Canada to Montana through the United States.

Rep. Mike Turner, the Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee, said on NBC News’s Meet

the Press: “If you asked someone to draw an X at every place where our sensitive missile defense sites, our

nuclear weapons infrastructure, and our nuclear weapon sites are, you would put them all along this path.”

The balloon was used for weather research, as the Chinese authorities initially claimed, but the FBI’s

discoveries increased tensions between the United States and China.

Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was supposed to visit China for a crucial meeting, but he postponed his trip after the surveillance balloon began to move across the country.

According to those acquainted with the situation, the balloon was launched without the knowledge of Chinese President Xi Jinping, although it is yet unknown what China was hoping to accomplish.

China “has overflown these surveillance balloons over more than 40 nations across five continents,” a State Department official told the media outlet, adding that “the Biden Administration is reaching out to countries directly about the breadth of this operation and answer any questions.”

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At the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Thursday, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman stated that this sets a precedent for China and demonstrates their lack of commitment to establishing peaceful relations.

Sherman remarked that “this foolish behavior placed on full display what we’ve long known.” That the PRC has gotten worse both domestically and internationally.

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