Dell is working on reverse wireless charging on laptops

Dell reverse wireless charging on laptops

Dell reverse wireless charging on laptops

Dell is working on reverse wireless charging. Simply laying your phone or other portable gadgets on top of your laptop could be a new way to charge them.

This approach has long been under consideration by Apple, and a recent invention reveals that Dell is also taking it into account.

However, patents rarely result in actual things, so readers should regard this as an experimental concept for the time being.

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Apple has discovered a Dell patent for exploiting laptop surfaces to power portable gadgets.

The technique involves putting the gadgets on top of an attachment connected to the computer that provides inductive power.

The images below are from Dell’s recently published US patent application 20220239124, which depicts a

wireless charging clip that attaches to a laptop right below the keyboard via magnets and a power output connection on the laptop.

Dell reverse wireless charging on laptops

Apple holds patents for a slightly different charging mechanism that uses the same core concept.

Instead of using an adapter, Apple would integrate charging coils into new MacBooks, allowing them to charge an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch that was lying on top.

While a clip would probably only charge items when the laptop was open, Apple’s design would allow MacBooks to charge while closed, providing a larger surface area for additional gadgets.

However, Dell’s proposal of a separate clip could be less expensive because it can attach to different laptops.

If either approach becomes a reality, chargers may require fewer power outlets than alternative solutions, such as charging pads.

In 2019, Apple canceled its attempt at a big charging pad, the AirPower. For individuals who require greater gadget longevity, the business currently offers the MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Battery Pack.

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Other businesses are experimenting with other wireless charging technologies. Ikea’s $40 charger sits beneath a table or desk, charging gadgets on top.

Although the method is less visible, it still necessitates the use of cables. Wi-Charge is a firm that is creating an IR-based system in which a charger attached to an outlet broadcasts power directly to devices.

This approach appears adaptable, but it lacks the power to keep a phone completely charged.

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