eNaira App Suffers Low Rating On Google Playstore

Google Play Store Removes eNaira App

eNaira Suffers Low Rating On Google Playstore
eNaira App Suffers Low Rating

eNaira Suffers Low Rating on Play Store, After Series Of Complaints & Poor Rating, Google Play Store Removes the eNaira App.

The eNaira which was recently launched by the CBN has its App removed from the notable Google play Store.

This is happening shortly after the two category apps eNaira speed wallet and eNaira merchant wallet won lots of negative and poor reviews on the Google play store.

eNaira Suffers Low Rating On Google Playstore

The eNaira was set to be launched on the 1st of October, 2021 on the day Nigeria got her independence with the aim of improving exchange and easing transactions.

Although the eNaira was not launched at its speculated time, but still launched later in October 2021.

The app was developed by popular tech company Fintech and was rolled out of the play store within a few hours after it got tones of low rating.

Leaving a note at launch on how the app will work, the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, disclosed that a huge amount of money was already imprinted.

On the official eNaira website an overview of how the platform was supposed to work reads:

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“Get Ready With Your Correct BVN info For Your perfect Enrolment.

“To sign up for the eNaira, certain information is required and must be accurate as provided during your BVN Data enrollment” which are:

“Your Name, Birthdate, and Email.”

And your various banks await to offer you maximum assist by helping to validate your BVN details in a timely manner.

At this point, users who had already given it a try but got frustrated by the poor response/ performance from the app began to unleash how they feel about the eNaira App.

eNaira Suffers Low Rating On Google Playstore

At this time many of the complaints coming in via comments & rating of the app showed that BVN linking was the major hitch the app had followed by inabilities to receive confirmation emails.

Although we are not really sure at this time if Google actually removed the app itself or the CBN did it themselves to improve its service.

The governor of CBN stated that the eNaira is going to serve as a platform where customers can hold existing funds in their bank accounts.

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