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Forever My Girl is one of the Romance movies in 2018. Such romantic movies are How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Titanic, and La La Land. If you want to watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Forever My Girl, you can visit the website.

The movie begins with a scene outside a small community church in Saint Augustine, Louisiana, where a wedding is about to take place. A woman urges the guests to enter the church, mentioning that Liam’s singing on the radio has garnered attention. She agrees that Liam’s talent is impressive but emphasizes that they are there to witness him marrying her daughter.


Inside the church, Josie, the bride-to-be, prepares with her bridesmaids while a group of elderly Southern ladies enjoys the bustling atmosphere from a nearby couch. Josie’s brother enters the room, asking if she’s ready for him to walk her down the aisle. Soon after, two groomsmen enter and compliment Josie’s appearance. One of them, named Mason, requests a private conversation with the maid of honor in the hallway, triggering Josie’s concern. Despite assurances from others that everything is fine, Josie’s friend returns with the shocking news that Liam, the groom, will not be attending the wedding.

The scene shifts eight years ahead, revealing a stadium in New Orleans with a marquee displaying “LIAM PAGE TOUR.” Liam finishes a concert, expressing his desire to meet a girl from the front row to his manager, Sam. Sam informs him that arrangements are being made but insists on attending an after-party and meeting with label representatives. Uninterested, Liam declines and instructs Sam to send the girl and a gallon of vodka to his hotel room.

The next morning, Liam wakes up to find the girl from the concert singing one of his songs in his hotel room. Excitedly, she accidentally steps on his phone lying on the floor. Liam panics, quickly gets dressed, and flees the room barefoot, clutching his phone. As he reaches the concierge desk, fans take pictures while he inquires about the nearest phone store. Guided by directions, he runs through the streets, pursued by enthusiastic fans capturing the chaotic scene on video and in pictures.

Arriving at the store, Liam offers a $10,000 reward to anyone who can fix his phone. Starstruck employees swarm around him until the store manager emerges and escorts Liam to his office. The manager repairs the phone, remarking on its vintage design held together by duct tape. As he returns the fixed phone to Liam, he comments on the importance of the messages for Liam to go to such lengths. Liam reveals there’s just one message, which he listens to privately—a message from Josie.

Back at the hotel, Sam confronts Liam about his sudden departure and the circulating videos of him running barefoot, expressing his anger. Liam lies on the couch and asks Sam to bring him an espresso. While they talk, Liam notices a news story on TV reporting the death of Mason, the groomsman from the opening scene. Overwhelmed with disbelief, Liam remains fixated on the television screen. Later, in a desperate bid, Sam races against time to transport Liam to the airport for the climactic tour finale. But Liam, harboring a secret plan, discreetly approaches the driver, offering a hefty sum of $1,000 to vanish into the distance. 

The car zooms away from the bustling parking garage. In the subsequent scene, Liam emerges from the vehicle, standing in front of the majestic St. Augustine church, cautioning the driver to guard his secret if he wishes to safeguard his employment. He approaches the church door but hesitates, ultimately sitting on the steps. As he listens to the preacher’s eulogy about Mason’s character, Liam turns away from the door and unintentionally collides with Josie and a young girl rushing into the service. Their eyes meet briefly before Josie takes the girl inside. She joins her brother, informing him that Liam is present, much too.,more movies on www.reeltip.com

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