How to Download all Your Facebook Photos as a Zip File.

How to Download All Your Facebook Photos at Once

How to Download all Your Facebook Photos as a Zip File.

How to Download all Your Facebook Photos as a Zip File, Most times, it can be worrisome fearing to lose your Facebook account

that has lots of lovely photos.

These photos most time include your childhood memories, loved ones, family members, school friends, and even vital

information you don’t want to lose.

All thanks to Facebook for making available the option that allows us to download our data all at once without much stress.

Although Downloading all your photos/pictures at once from Facebook can be a little tricky, however, Facebook has made it

possible for you to easily get a copy of your Facebook data transferred to your email address, Google Drive, and more.

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In this post, we will be looking at how to back up Facebook Photos Directly to Your Email Address using Google

Photos, downloading all your Facebook Photos at once as a zip file.

How to download all Your Facebook Photos as a Zip File.

Step 1

Login to your Facebook account, on the top right corner on your PC, click on settings & Privacy, under privacy and

settings, go ahead and click on settings.

How to download all Your Facebook Photos

Next, you will be taken to a new window that displays more options. When you are there, click on the option that says your Facebook information

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Your Facebook Information

After clicking the option, more options appear on the right-hand side of the screen with the view option appended to

the extreme end of all the available actions you wish to carry out.

How to transfer a copy of your facebook data easy step

Ok, we are making great progress and as you can see from the above photo we will have to select the option that says

Transfer a copy of your information.

This option will allow us the ability to transfer our photos later on. Meanwhile, we have many other options available each has its own role to play.

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You can give them a try next time depending on your pressing needs.

Upon clicking on the view option, a new page comes up with about Four major destinations to which you can transfer your photos.

these are:

  1. Google Photos
  2. Google Docs
  3. Dropbox and
  4. Koofr
Available Destinations

For this post, we will be working with Google Photos.

Select Google Photos and immediately, the next page comes up. At this point we now have access to three options Choose destination which will take us back to the previous step,

Choose what to transfer of which we have recently selected to transfer photos and the last option, connecting with Google Photos.

Step 2

Choosing What to Transfer

Choose What to Transfer

After clicking on step 2, which is to choose what you want to transfer, you will be prompted with a new page containing all the available items you can download.

In our case, we are just going to download our photos but note that you can select any other options as well.

Select what you want to transfer

Step 3

Connecting With Google Photos

This is the third step to take and it is the second to the last before we can start our successful transfer.

Connecting with Google

Click the option and without any waste of time, you will be redirected to google where you will be asked to sign in to the email address you wish to use or you can as well select from a list of your signed-in mails.

Sellect an email you wish to use

Next, allow google photo access to your email by clicking the Continue button. You can revoke access by clicking the other button.

Next, allow google photo access to your email

Step 4

Start Transfer

After completing the above steps without any hitches, you can now click on the Button start transfer to initiate your transfer.

Start Transfer

A pop-up box will appear on your screen asking you to enter your password, Do so and continue

Enter Your Facebook Password

And your photos will start transferring. After the transfer has been completed, you will get a mail containing a link where you can now download your zip file containing all your photos.

Transferring photos

The transfering process may vary depending on the number and types of file you are transfering

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How to download all Your Facebook Photos

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