How to fix Permission Denied in Word Press When Uploading a File Using Filezilla Ftp

Best Ways to Fix Permission Denied in Word Press When Uploading a File Using Filezilla Or Any Other FTP Client

How to fix Permission Denied in Word Press

How to fix the Permission denied error in Word Press When Uploading a File Using Filezilla Ftp or any other FTP client,

Fix Open to Write: Permission denied in WordPress using LEMP or LAMP (Nginx or Apache servers).

It can be so frustrating whenever you try to upload files via FTP and only to get the annoying message that says open write: permission denied.

Filezilla is an easy-to-use file transfer protocol that makes it easy for you to access your files and folders within minutes

other than using the CLI (Command Line Interface).

The Write: Permission denied or permission denied message you get whenever you try to upload files to your server(s)

is a sign that you don’t have the correct user permissions assigned to your user account.

In most cases, you face these issues when you try to do things like creating a folder, uploading files, or even deleting items.

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How to fix Permission Denied in Word Press

If there is the case for you, then this article will be walking you through the steps on how to fix the Write: Permission

denied in WordPress using LEMP or LAMP (Nginx or Apache servers).

It is good to know that your WordPress site is been hosted on a computer usually referred to as a server by a hosting company.

These server uses special software usually Nginx or Apache to manage your files and serve them to browsers.

At this point folder and file, permissions tell the server who can read, write, or modify available files hosted under your account.

These are because WordPress requires permission to be able to read, write or modify files.

Using incorrect permissions can restrict WordPress the ability to create folders, upload media items, images, and more.

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When encountered with such problems, in most cases, WordPress will try to inform you that it is unable to edit a file,

create a folder, or cannot write to disk.

However, in some cases, you may not see any proper error messages describing the issue.

What is the correct File Permission for WordPress?

If your file and folder permission is correctly set, then it already has the numbers below in place else they may look something different:

755 or 777 for all folders and sub-folders.
644 for all files.

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These allow WordPress to create files and folders.

Fixing File Permission in WordPress Using FTP (In our case we will be using Filezilla)

First, you will need to connect to your WordPress site server using Filezilla or any other FTP client suitable for you. You can download Filezilla here.

Once you are connected, locate the root folder of your WordPress site

After that select all folders in the root directory and then right-click to select File Permissions.

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After this action, a dialog box will pop up on your screen, kindly enter the correct figures 777 in the Numeric field provided.

Once this is done, go ahead and click on ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ click the checkbox and then select the ‘Apply to directories only’ option.

How to fix Permission Denied in Word Press When Uploading a File Using Filezilla Ftp

Now click on the OK button. At this point, your FTP Clint will begin setting file permissions to your folders and sub-folders.

This process will take some minutes or even more if you have a slow network so you will have to be patient a bit, wait for the process to complete.

After the above process completes, select all files and folders in the root folder of your site, right-click to select file permissions just like we did before.

But this time, when the dialog box appears, enter 644 in numeric value and click the OK button.

Your Ftp Client will now begin to set file permission for your WordPress site.

In case the above option did not work for you, then try the next option below that worked like magic for me.

Of course, that is why I have to make these posts should in case the above method does not do the trick for you, then the next step is for sure.

Though you will be needing a little knowledge working with the Command Line Interface (CLI). This article will not cover how to use the CLI.

Git is a good CLI tool, if you already have it installed login using ssh e.g. ssh username@127.0. 0.1 substitute the username for your own username and the IP address for your own IP address.

You will be asked to enter your password do so and hit the enter key.

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Once you are logged in to your account with Sudo privileges you will need to add your user “username” to the group www-data (since www-data is a group)

To add user “username” to group “www-data” follow the steps below remember to replace username with your own username.

sudo usermod -a -G www-data username

Then set permissions for user group www-data

sudo chgrp -R www-data /var/www/html

Followed by

sudo chmod -R g+w /var/www/html

Now you can read, write, and modify files as “username” via SFTP and your WordPress installation can modify files without requesting credentials

Hope this was helpful please leave your comments below.

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