How to Use iPhone Face ID with a Mask

Some Tips on How to Use iPhone Face ID with a Mask

How to Use iPhone Face ID with a Mask

Tips on How to Use iPhone Face ID with a Mask; These 4 easy ways to use an iPhone Face ID with a mask we will be looking at in this post may help.

Face ID officially launched in 2017 has somehow been the best method most iPhones are unlocked.

However, since the Covid-19 breakout, face masks have eventually become part of our everyday life.

Every day we go out to work it may turn a burden to constantly taking off your face mask every time you want to use your iPhone.

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This is because the iPhone face ID was not designed to work with part of our faces covered.

Each time you try to unlock your iPhone with a mask on, you may be denied access to your iPhone because it is contemplating if it is really you.

If you have been having these issues, no more worries, we have been able to come up with a few tips that may help.

  1. First You May Try to Create an Alternate Appearance:

It’s a known fact that people do appear to look different at different times of the day depending on their activity schedule.

Let’s say a person who is preparing for a date might have had his/her face taken care of in some ways and when the

the same person is going to work the looks may seem to be different.

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All thanks to the face ID feature which allows you to add an alternative appearance taking you to mask into consideration.

To set this up, all you need do is simply move down to settings in your iPhone, look for the Face ID & passcode option,

then enter your passcode and click on the setup and alternative appearance option.

The face ID makes use of the shape of your face alongside its features, this means that in some way you may need to

secure the mask under your chin and at the tip of your nose.

It is also worthy of note that you will have to fold your face mask and hold it to one side of your face this is teaching your device to recognize your face even on the mask.

How to Use iPhone Face ID with a Mask

These allow for a proper shape of your face, normally you may get an error but after a second trial, it is likely to work.

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Using Your Apple Watch

This point certainly appears to be the simplest method; all you need do is pair your Apple watch to your iPhone, note that it must be signed in to your Apple ID account.

The downside of this is that highly secured apps like those used for financial services may not work an example is Apple Pay.

And to use this method it is required that you own an Apple wristwatch else it won’t work for you.

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