How To Watch Netflix for Free (3 Legal Ways)

3 Major ways to watch Netflix For Free

How To Watch Netflix for Free (3 Legal Ways)

How To Watch Netflix for Free (3 Legal Ways): Yes, You too can watch Netflix Videos for Free after this step-by-step guide, Netflix is a popular video service rendering company out there.

Been in the game for a long time, Netflix has lots of quality movies and series but it is a paid service, which means you have to pay before you get access to a video.

As has earlier been stated, it is a paid service but there is a way you can watch so much content for free on Netflix, and am going to show you how to do that in this post.

How to Watch Netflix Videos for Free Method 1:

The first step I am going to show you Works best on Firefox. First of all, head over to the play store or browser on your device, download, and install Firefox browser.

After complete installation, move on to the Netflix official website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the option that says watch for free.

www.9jahot.comHow To Watch Netflix for Free (3 Legal Ways)

You will be redirected to another page where you can now watch free videos.

Note that you will be limited to a certain amount of videos at most times but then, you will still have a good number of interesting videos to enjoy yourself with.

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Method 2 How To Watch Netflix videos for free:

Trial Period: while signing up for an account with Netflix, you are always allowed to choose from the available plans, there is a plan for mobile devices and tablets, PCs and desktops, and more to select from.

Whenever a new user signs up for Netflix, he or she is given a free one-month trial. This means you will have access to Netflix videos for one month but you will be charged if you continue using the service.

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This method is also an effective way to access Netflix for free as you can use several payment methods to access Netflix at different times.

The Third Method of Accessing Netflix Video for Free is Using Coupons:

Using coupon codes is another way of reducing the high cost of watching Netflix videos for free. They are several sites out there that can help you with your service.

Coupon codes which are also referred to as promo codes will help you reduce the initial amount you were supposed to pay for a particular Netflix plan.

You can get Coupon codes from some of the under listed sites:

  1. Giving

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