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IFTTT Launches New AI-Powered Services for Enhanced Automation

IFTTT Introduces AI-Powered Services for Pro Plus Members to Boost Task Automation

IFTTT Launches New AI-Powered Services
IFTTT Launches New AI-Powered Services

IFTTT Launches New AI-Powered Services. IFTTT, the ultimate productivity tool, has recently launched three new AI-powered services that can help automate tasks across various apps and devices.

By signing up for the Pro Plus membership for just $5 a month, users can now take advantage of AI-generated social media posts, blogs, and summaries to enhance their automation process.

IFTTT, which stands for “If This, Then That,” allows users to connect a sequence of activities between gadgets and apps, which are known as “applets.”

These automated processes can range from adding songs from liked YouTube videos to a Spotify playlist or receiving a weather notification on your phone every morning. However, IFTTT is now taking the level of automation to new heights

With the help of specific apps and devices, the new automation features offered by IFTTT – AI social creator, AI content creator, and AI summarizer – can each create various types of written content.

The interactions are powered by the GPT-3 AI language model from OpenAI, which is utilized in the ChatGPT preview.

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IFTTT Launches New AI-Powered Services for Enhanced Automation
IFTTT Launches New AI-Powered Services for Enhanced Automation

The AI content generator automation, for example, generates an outline depending on the subject matter a user enters in IFTTT’s note widget, and then automatically stores it in Google Docs.

The social creator option, on the other hand, can create a tweet that describes and links to a new RSS feed item automatically. Additionally, the AI summarizer can send summaries of articles published in a specific news source via email.

Users can access these integrations as applets on IFTTT’s website, or they can even create their own. Although users can already generate summaries or create social network posts using ChatGPT and Bing’s chatbots, IFTTT’s integrations make the process even more hands-off.

Peter Curley, the vice president of marketing at IFTTT, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of AI and automation on the platform. Curley also revealed the company’s plans to release additional AI services in the near future.

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