Instagram Begins Process to Shutting Down Threads

Instagram Begins Process to Shutting Down Threads

Instagram To Shut Down Threads As Meta Merges Its Messaging Platforms

Instagram Begins Process to Shutting Down Threads, Popular social network, Instagram takes on a plan to eliminate its

standalone messaging service known as Threads.

The thread will stop working by the end of 2021. From November 23rd, the app will begin to display a warning message telling users to return to Instagram.

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Threads is a 2019 social medial application very similar to Facebook, it allows users to interact by sending and receiving

Instagram Direct Message outside Instagram.

Over decades, Thread has served a collection of amazing features among which we have the ability to automate the

process of setting status for you based on the previous actions carried out on your phone

In a statement, Meta said all the quirky tools and features enjoyed by users will be made available on Instagram as

soon as Thread closes.

Instagram To Shut Down Threads As Meta Merges Its Messaging Platforms

Facebook, now known as Meta also added that it is on the verge of combining all its messaging podiums. Meaning that both Instagram and Messenger will now support Cross-Platform Messaging.

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Instagram To Shut Down Threads As Meta Merges Its Messaging Platforms

Meta also stated its intentions to bring in WhatsApp as well in the future.

This idea is been given a lot of thumbs down by users who think shutting down Threads isn’t a good move at all.

The functionality of Threads will continue to have less role to play with regards to the cross-platform integration of

Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

The idea of shutting down Threads also surfaced from the fact that it never got a reasonable amount of users.

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Reports from Meta shows that as of last year, the app only got about 200,000 user which is a very small number as

compared to Instagram which got millions of users.

Although in a frustrating effort that proved abortive, Meta tried all its possible means to spark up usage of Thread all

over the world but failed.

Christine Pai, the Instagram spokesperson stated that “they were aware that people care about connecting with their

close friends and they have seen this particularly over the past few years with the growth of messaging on Instagram.”

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“We’re now focusing our efforts on enhancing how you connect with close friends on Instagram and deprecating the Threads app.” He added.

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