Meta unannounced VR headsets

Meta discovered a leaker who provided a YouTuber with information on its upcoming VR headsets.

Meta unannounced VR headsets
Meta unannounced VR headsets

Meta unannounced VR headsets. The source of renders of the company’s unannounced VR headsets that were uploaded by a YouTuber named Brad Lynch last year has been found after a months-long leak investigation by Meta.

In an internal message seen by The Verge earlier this week, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth informed staff members of the news.

He claimed that Meta had severed relations with the leaker, who I’m informed was a third-party

contractor, and requested a piece of the money made from the YouTube advertising that was shown next

to the leaker’s films.

Bosworth stated that Lynch received a little payment from the anonymous leaker in his statement to Meta staff.

The norms of newsrooms like The Verge, which forbids its reporters from exchanging information for

money, do not apply to creators like Lynch.

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When I contacted Lynch for comment, he didn’t dispute that he split revenue from YouTube channel advertisements with his source.

They might have inquired since I wasn’t prepared to make a sizable upfront payment, he claimed. “I’m just

one man that enjoys talking to other people in the sector, reporting what I hear, and loves virtual reality.

Furthermore, I’m not becoming money off of it. A Meta representative declined to comment.

According to Lynch, who has 114,000 subscribers to his “SadlyItsBradley” YouTube channel, his videos are

made to “showcase what I feel to be the greatest in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality.”

He released a video of the Meta Quest Pro’s specifications and fine-tuned CAD designs last year months

before it was officially unveiled.

Another of his films from September of last year purports to have blueprints and technical details for the

Quest 3, Meta’s upcoming consumer headset scheduled for release later in the year.

Video: Meta’s next consumer headset expected later this year.

Companies letting go of leakers are rarely made public. When they do, it’s typically to punish the offender and demonstrate how seriously they take the offense.

Lynch’s films from the previous year were quite an issue for the company, even though they received

minimal notice from conventional news channels at the time, according to Meta discussing the findings of

this study with staff.

Beyond stating that it will release later this year, Meta has not provided much information regarding how

it’s upcoming Quest 3 will operate.

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