Oddworld: Soulstorm review

Oddworld Soulstorm review ps5

Oddworld: Soulstorm review

Oddworld: Soulstorm review, If you’ve never played an Oddworld game and seen how everything fits

together, you’ll be shocked to hear that Oddworld: Soulstorm is just one gigantic escort mission.

Not only that, but the followers you’re escorting lack the intelligence God promised a goat, are gruesomely

slain by anything that even sneezes at them, and whines almost incessantly — all of this was done on purpose by the developers.

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The goal of this strange action-platformer is to keep these completely useless critters alive by trial and error as they go through progressively dangerous levels.

The magic of the Oddworld series is in the moments shortly after I or my followers have met with an

utterly avoidable death and I can’t help but facepalm and laugh before trying again, even though it can be annoying at times.

Your lemming-like followers will carelessly run into fatal obstacles, take far too long to stroll through a

location where exact time is required to survive and do almost little to defend themselves if attacked.

You are the shepherd of the world’s stupidest flock of sheep, which is both entertaining and challenging practically all of the time.

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Oddworld: Soulstorm is a remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus from 1998 that reimagines the exceedingly weird Oddworld scenario.

However, the remake is just as diabolically difficult as PS1 games were: each level finds a new method to

jeopardize your and your followers’ lives in a fiendish test of your cunning, ingenuity, and patience.

Oddworld: Soulstorm review

One region may demand you to sneak past armed guards that you would have no chance of defeating in

open combat, while another may require you to keep waves of foes occupied long enough for hundreds of your supporters to flee.

The checkpoint system, which saves your progress after practically every obstacle, is Soulstorm’s sole act of charity – and its saving grace.

Reducing the number of difficult trials you’ll have to replay can let you laugh it off when you’re maimed

by an armed guard or lose a dozen followers by stumbling into a trap.

Failure with little danger helps you to master each segment and design the ideal method for overcoming

the current stumbling block while keeping yourself and your followers safe.

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The checkpointing mechanism does not enable you to save manually at any time, which leads to some

tedious stretches when you must re-loot a region and re-craft all of your weapons after each death. That takes up a lot of game time and quickly becomes tedious.

However, Abe’s incredible signature power to possess enemies and use them as meat puppets against the

enemy is the most important tool you have at your disposal.

You can make possessed foes kill their pals, assist you in solving a riddle, or simply blow them up to get them out of the way.

That’s a fantastic strategy to give yourself an advantage over the massive odds stacked against you. The adversary plants anti-chant devices all over the place, giving you a zap if you try to possess something,

thus Soulstorm is a little restrictive with how often you can actually use your shamanistic talents. On the other hand, if they didn’t, it wouldn’t be much of a task.

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The toughest parts are when you have to rely on your followers to help you fight, which is almost always a disaster.

Even when commanded to stand in one location and manually outfitted with the finest weapons for the job, your inept allies are very inconsistent.

Your mudokon pals are often slow to respond and entirely clueless, allowing themselves to be slain

without putting up a fight, or simply standing there with a blank look as they watch a slig with a shotgun massacre a dozen of their comrades.

These are without a doubt my least favorite sections because they seemed to rely solely on chance, which made me scream at the screen.

While the actual obstacle is an enjoyable uphill battle, Soulstorm also includes some inadvertent hardship in the form of bugs, and there are a lot of them.

During my playthroughs, I encountered anything from minor graphic errors to potentially game-breaking

bugs such as my followers vanishing entirely from the level.

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Backing out to the main menu and restarting the level or shutting and relaunching Soulstorm fixed the

issue in the great majority of situations, but bugs are so regular that they’re sure to add to your irritation in a game that thrives on pushing you to your limits on purpose as it is.

One of my followers refused to open any portals and flee towards freedom, resulting in the burning of my

otherwise flawless run on a very difficult level.

In another, I couldn’t hear any dialogue during a level’s end-of-level sequence and had to restart the entire level to finish the story.

Certain foes might occasionally become impervious to my attempts to harm them for no apparent reason. The list might go on forever.

updates to solve some of them,

Oddworld Inhabitants, the game’s developer, is aware of numerous faults and has already published a few

but with so many to fix, it’s evident that Soulstorm could have used a little more polish (as is the case with

many games developed in the era of COVID-19).

There are four different endings in total: the worst, the bad, the good, and the greatest.

The worst and finest endings are just slight variants on the terrible and excellent endings, with the latter only visible to the most dedicated players and the former honoring those who are spectacularly bad at keeping their allies alive.

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However, there are considerable distinctions between good and bad endings.

By mastering each level and investigating every nook and cranny in order to free all of your chained

brethren, you’ll be rewarded with

two more levels at the end of the game, as well as a satisfying conclusion.

It’s a great motivator to keep as many of your followers alive as possible, and it pushed me to strive for

perfection on each level.

Oddworld: Soulstorm is a superb modernized version of one of those classic side-scrolling games that we

remember fondly but that no longer holds up.

It’s a unique, delightfully odd, and immensely satisfying game with a fantastic plot and a lot of heart, even

if it may be a frustrating grind to get through its escort quest-heavy levels.

Of course, it has far too many problems that require restarts to fix, which can turn a good challenge into a

nasty, controller-throwing kind of frustration, and the sound design is all over the place.

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