Prosthetic-Tailed Dolphin Winter Dies at 16

Prosthetic-tailed dolphin winter, of “Dolphin Tale” movies, has died at 16

Prosthetic-Tailed Dolphin Winter Dies at 16
Prosthetic-Tailed Dolphin Winter Dies at 16

So Sad, Prosthetic-Tailed Dolphin Winter Dies at 16

A beloved Prosthetic-tailed Dolphin named winter which featured in the popular movie titled “Dolphin Tale” has died at 16.

Winter was only two months old when it got its tail entangled in a crab trap close to Cape Canaveral which led to its


A fisherman was out on his boat when he spotted a crab trap buoy that was bobbing against the current, WTSP says. When he went to investigate, he found Winter wrapped up in the rope of that crab trap. Following her rescue, Winter was taken to CMA.

WTSP says a fisherman was out on his boat when he noticed a crab trap buoy bobbing against the current.

On his investigation, he found out that it was poor Winter wrapped up in the rope of that crab trap. Following her

rescue, Winter was then taken to CMA.

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Her sad death occurred in the evening hours of 11th of November, 2021 at the Florida Aquarium after all efforts to treat a gastrointestinal abnormality yielded a negative result.

Aquarium officials said that animal care experts were preparing winter for a procedure at the Clearwater Marine

Aquarium where the famous marine mammal has long resided before the 16-year old female bottlenose dolphin died.

“The CMA family is devastated,” According to CBS Tampa affiliate WTSP-TV in a statement.

Veterinarian Dr. Shelly Marquardt in a statement released by the aquarium said that the family was comforted by the

fact that the entire team did everything possible to make sure that “Winter” Survived.

Marquardt also added that the aquarium worked with lots of specialists and mammal experts from all over the world to

see to the ill health of “winter”. But the dolphin was already in a critical condition and died while being held by caregivers.

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At this time, the aquarium will remain closed on Friday been the 12th of November enabling staff time to mourn.

However, activities will commence the following day which is Saturday while plans for a memorial are to be

announced soon.

The president of the aquarium, James Buddy Powell told newsmen that the staff and experts kept on doing everything

possible to restore Winter’s health.

Winter encountered intestinal probl, an uncommon issue among dolphins dough she has never been affected so badly.

And at the time, winter was no longer responding to treatments as in the past and there were no symptoms that

Winter was suffering from the Corona virus.

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Winter in 2011 featured in a movie titled “Dolphin Tale” alongside Harry Connick Jr, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson,

Morgan Freeman and Nathan Gamble shot at the Clearwater Aquarium and surrounding Tampa Bay.

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What Killed Prosthetic-Tailed Dolphin Winter?

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