Robots Hit the Streets with Intensifying Food Distribution Demand

Robots Hit the Streets with Intensifying Food Distribution Demand

Robots Hit the Streets with Intensifying Food Distribution Demand, Well, as the world changes, it is no new that this era

has taken Technology to its apex.

Decades ago, a machine on delivery without visible human control would have been deemed a barbaric act or

something almost impossible.

Well, it is no big deal now with the latest technology Enhancements, we now have machines performing human tasks

like helping to deliver messages.

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Today news has it that they have been hundreds if not thousands of little and knee-high robots navigating college

campuses and streets in the U.S delivering not less than 4 large pizzas and other foodstuffs.

It may sound complicated, yeah it’s normal.

Before the rise of the Corona Virus pandemic, it is no big deal that robots had parts of their current jobs carried out by humans.

However, the havoc caused by Covid-19 led to limited movement and activities, shortage in labor, and increased

preference for contactless delivery has made robot deployment grow rapidly.

Alastair Westgarth, the CEO of Starship Technologies, said that the demand for Robot usage rapidly moved up within a twinkle of an eye.

To him, this means that high demand has always been there but has only stood revealed by the new development.

completing its 2 millionth delivery due to the pandemic effect.

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Starship is also on its verge with SpaceX’s reusable launch system, of deploying more than 1,000 robots, this is an

increase from a trifling 250 robots it had in 2019.

Starship will at least be delivering food to 20 campuses in the United States with 25 more to be added soon.

The company also has its services running within the reach of Sidewalks in Milton Keynes, Modesto, England, California,

and Tallin, Estonia its hometown.

The design of these robots is also astonishing and pretty amazing, they are made up of four wheels, though some do have six.

They are built with powerful security cameras, Sensors, GPS that help them with positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services.

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Most times they have laser scanners that also help them to navigate sidewalks and automatically cross streets with an average speed of 5 mph.

On receive, customers are been provided with unique codes they type into their phones in other to be granted access to take their food.

It’s a normal thing that most good things if not all do come with a disadvantage as well.

In the case of these robots, they do use electricity thereby requiring that they must be charged almost every time

otherwise leading to power down.

They are relatively slow and have to stay within a small mapped radius to enable them to function well.

They are generally not flexible and do not have an inbuilt mind AI of their own. An example of these is that:

A customer does not have the potentials to instruct a robot to leave the food at a specific place or a position and it does.

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Cities with high population rates and highly crowded sidewalks, like New York, Beijing, and San Francisco, don’t welcome this robot.

At the time they have been very few or no negative reports about the robots except an isolated case whence some kids

surrounded one of the robots and tried to confuse it.

An analyst, Bill Ray who works with consulting firm Gartner, noted that robots play a very nice role in campuses and

even in newer communities with spacious sidewalks.

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