The Flying Motorbike is a Huge Achievement in Technology

A jetpack design helped create a flying motorbike

The Flying Motorbike is a Huge Achievement in Technology

The Flying Motorbike is a Huge Achievement in Technology, A Tokyo-based drone firm showcased its idea for the future of

transportation on a largely deserted racetrack in the slopes of Mt. Fuji: a flying motorcycle capable of reaching speeds of up to 100kph.

The driver powered up the Xturismo, which soared several meters off the ground, and cruised along the track for almost a minute

and a half, like something out of a science fiction picture.

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Reporters and guests stood by, earplugs in their ears because of the deafening noise.

The “hoverbike,” as A.L.I. Technologies put it, measures 300 kg and can carry a single rider. It can move at maximum throughput for up to 40 minutes, according to the company.

The limited-edition run of 200 automobiles will be delivered to consumers by the first half of next year, according to A.L.I., which

is sponsored by Kyocera and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Venture Capital. The asking price is JPY 77.7 million (USD 682,000).

Xturismo is propelled by two main propellers and is powered mostly by an internal combustion engine. The bike has the same

altitude control technology that A.L.I. uses in its drones, allowing it to glide through the air gracefully.

“With this floating car, we’d like to present a new lifestyle,” CEO Daisuke Katano remarked at the launching ceremony.

According to a member of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party who attended the ceremony, the bike might be used for more than just recreation.

The Flying Motorbike is a Huge Achievement in Technology

As the competition to sell flying motorcycles heats up throughout the world, A.L.I.’s four-year milestone comes as the battle to

market flying motorcycles heats up.

JetPack Aviation, based in the United States, recently announced that a prototype of the Speeder has passed a flight test, putting it

on track for a launch as early as 2023.

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The pre-order price is USD 380,000. Lazareth, a French startup, is also working on a flying motorcycle.

Toyota Motor invested JPY 43 billion in US-based Jobby Aviation in January 2020, marking a significant increase in investment in flying cars.

The Flying Motorbike is a Huge Achievement in Technology

Last week, HT Aero,

a flying automobile startup funded by Xpeng, said that it had raised more than USD 500 million in its current fundraising round.

Last month, Honda Motor announced that it is working on a flying automobile as part of its JPY 5 trillion research and innovation over the next six years.

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