Three Major Points to Consider When Planning a Webinar

Consider this Three Major Points When Planning a Webinar

Three Major Points to Consider When Planning a Webinar

Three Major Points to Consider When Planning a Webinar, When used correctly, webinars may be a great marketing tool. Consider your webinar as a chance to talk directly to

someone in a way that they will comprehend. If engineers are your target audience, you’re probably aware that they’re up against a slew of design issues right now.

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A webinar gives you the opportunity to talk directly to them and offer a fresh viewpoint or solution to their problems.

Here are some things to think about when planning your next webinar:

1) Use interactive polling questions to engage the audience.

Three Major Points to Consider When Planning a Webinar

Polls are one of many fantastic ways to engage your audience. You can use polls to determine the audience’s familiarity with the topic, hear common pain areas, and generate enthusiasm.

2) Use a multi-media strategy.

Using video to break up a repetitive voiceover PowerPoint presentation and bring what the speaker is saying to live is a great idea. Videos should be limited to a few minutes in length.

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Avoid overly-produced “commercial-style” clips; instead, use recorded demos and real-life examples.

3) Use previews and summaries to your advantage.
Previews inform listeners about what’s coming up next or how you’ll build a point. “First, I’m going to explain how the EPA arrives at its statistics,”

you might say in a discussion of why differences exist between cars’ EPA gas mileage ratings and actual gas mileage. Then I’ll explain how Consumers Union testing is conducted.”

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