Tornado Watch – Central Texas (The Complete counties)

A tornado watch has been issued for multiple counties in Central Texas.

Tornado watch Central Texas

Tornado Watch Central Texas, TRAVIS COUNTY, TX (KTRK) – On Monday, March 21, the Weather Service announced a

tornado watch in most Central Texas districts.

The tornado watch was in effect until 1 a.m., according to the National Weather Service.

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Gillespie County, Hays County, Bastrop County, Caldwell County, Lee County, Blanco County, Travis County, Llano County,

Burnet County, Williamson County, Fayette County, Bell County, Milam County, and Lampasas County are among the counties in

Central Texas that are under a tornado watch.

Tornado watch Central Texas

For the Central Texas area, the moderate risk of severe weather will be increased from enhanced for Monday, March 21.

The increased risk is due to the possibility of tornadoes and hail. This evening, strong tornadoes are probable, as well as a golf ball to baseball-sized hail late this afternoon and tonight.

According to 7 FOX Storm, danger modes will begin as hail, then convert to huge or very large hail before becoming a tornado

threat, according to Austin meteorologist Carlo Falco.

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Storms should form along a dry line near Hwy-281 in the Texas Hill Country, moving east with the possibility of tornadoes and

hail impacting I-35 by 4-7 p.m.

As the storms move east, their intensity will be maintained or increased across our eastern counties and along the coastal plain.

They’re anticipated to leave Austin between 9 and 11 p.m.

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