US Road to Charges Electric Vehicles While They Drive

First US road that charges electric vehicles while they drive

US Road to Charges Electric Vehicles While They Drive, While the cost of building vast motorways that can wirelessly charge EVs is prohibitive,

the technology could be useful for bus routes, traffic signals, or roads where people spend a significant amount of time trapped in traffic.

Electreon, an Israeli startup, has revealed plans to develop the first road in the United States with wireless charging capability for electric vehicles.

The trial project, which will be completed next year in Detroit, Michigan, will be one mile long at first.

The road will function by having an underground network of charging coils that connect to the energy grid, with electric vehicles needing a receiver to charge while driving over them.

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People and animals crossing the roadway won’t be electrocuted because the device doesn’t emit

electricity without an active receiver.

It’s also modular, as each coil is connected to the grid separately, ensuring that a pothole won’t render

the entire charging system is inoperable.

The cost per mile is determined by the vehicle and its speed.

While the road will not entirely recharge a battery, given its length, it will top it up slightly, allowing EVs to

go further before needing to use a charging station.

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The receivers can also run up a bill, which the vehicle owner can pay for later.

Bus routes, according to an Electreon spokesperson, would be an ideal site to install this charging system

because they are predictable and repetitious.

Areas with heavy traffic congestion may also work, as your vehicle will have time to charge while stuck in traffic.

The concept sounds similar to Logitech’s Powerplay system, which uses a specific mouse pad to charge a

wireless mouse while in use.

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