Windows Automatically Scrolling Back to Top (Best & Easy Method to Fix)

Fix Windows Automatically Scrolling Back to Top

Windows Automatically Scrolling Back to Top

Windows Automatically Scrolling Back to Top (Best & Easy Method to Fix), Fix windows 7, windows 8, or Windows 10

scrolling back to the top by itself.

If you are always fighting with your computer scrolling back to the top of the page while you are struggling to get

down to the bottom or down the page then this post is just for you.

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And because we know how annoying feeling it is, we have put together a few and best ways which you can easily take to fix this problem.

How to Fix the Problem; Computer Automatically Scrolling Back to Top.

If your computer is scrolling back to the top, to the bottom, left, or right it is a common issue and always occurs when a particular key on your computer becomes faulty.

These keys usually are either the page up, page down, or the arrow keys respectively.

Step One: Start by Identifying the faulty key on your keyboard

To start fixing the problem, we would need to find out what really is causing our problem, it is a faulty key or not.

To do this, we will be using a tool known as the key tester. Simply go to the site and click on the button that says lunch the Tester.

Windows Automatically Scrolling Back to Top (Best & Easy Method to Fix)

This process will help us identify the key that is causing the auto-scrolling. Once you click the button, a new browser window will pop up on your screen and it will look like below.

Testing the troubling key1

Why is My Computer Scrolling by it self?

Looking at the above picture, we can see that our page up key is what is giving us the headaches.

However, your own faulty key may be different but it will take the same process to be fixed just note that while testing

your key, the one that is automatically changing colors between yellow and green is the faulty key.

Step Two: How to Fix the Faulty Key on your keyboard that is causing auto scroll

After completing step one, we now have to fix the bad key. And to do this, we will need to download the key tweak software.

Go to the Key Tweak website Click here once you are on the site, scroll down, and click on the button that says free download.

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You will be taken to the next page, still, scroll down to the free download button and click on it to complete the download process.

Upon a successful download, open the software on your computer and run the installation. It is super easy to install just right-click and click install click yes and continue.

Once the installation is completed, go to the start menu and open key tweak, a dialog box will appear on your screen click yes to continue.

Once the application is open, the environment looks like below:

Windows Automatically Scrolling Back to Top (Best & Easy Method to Fix)

Look for the affected key, you can try a couple of clicks within the area where the affected key is located option 2 on the photo identifies the selected key.

For me, page up was my troubling key and as you can see in the image above, the page up key is 85 once you have

gotten this, click on disable key which is labeled number 3 on the photo then click apply labeled option 4.

That is all your computer will now restart.

That was it and hope this article was helpful. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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